Custom Foals

Our custom foal program has become one of our most popular purchase options. This is our most economical option, and allows us to produce
a tailor-made foal specific to our client's tastes and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is involved in the selection process?
Prospective clients generally come to us with their goals for the foal, and any preferences in regards to type, colour, registry, breeding, and such. Based on these attributes, we can help you to select a mare that would be most likely to fit your specifications. Some clients already have a stallion in mind, with others we follow the same steps for stallion selection.

How much does a custom foal cost?
Pricing is done on an individual basis depending on mare and stallion selection. Typically prices range from $7500 to $11 000 CAD. We offer generous terms and flexible payment plans.

What is included?
Our custom foal program is virtually all inclusive. We include the following:- Cost of stud fee, semen transport, and all breeding expenses.
- Maintenance expenses for mare during pregnancy and lactation.
- Foaling out; streamed online for owner viewing. Mares are also monitored via milk chemistry and foal-alert system.
- Daily handling of your foal and inclusion into our foal training program. We expose all foals to grooming, leading, haltering, work in hand, blanketing,
clipping, bathing and more.
- All horses at OEHS receive top quality nutrition in a feeding program devised by an equine nutritionist

Are all of the mares available for custom foals?
Please contact us for availability.


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